Your Child's Imaginatin

Bridgeland Daycare & After School Program

The philosophy of the Bridgeland Daycare and After School Program is that, each child is an individual with unique wants and needs. The program provides each child with an opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential in all areas. Children learn through play, and the program exposes the children to various types of experiences. 


The goal of the day care center is to offer an opportunity for the children to develop to their fullest potential in all possible areas. 

‚ÄčOur service provides individualized care in a group setting that is appropriate for your children's age, development, family situation, interpersonal needs, and the hours of care you require. 
The day care center's program consists of a balance of free play and structures activities; as well as quiet time and active times. The program accommodates individual sleep needs. Children learn through play and the activity centers attempt to expose the child to many experiences. The children learn social and intellectual skills; to understand and express their emotions; and all about their self as a part of the environment.